Work Process for Selecting ICIM Ten World Scientific and Technological Developments of Intelligent Manufacturing 2022

Selecting of Ten World Scientific and Technological Developments of Intelligent Manufacturing 2022 will be conducted from May 25th to September 10th, 2022. Through this activity, ICIM aims to build a platform for sharing, communicating and guiding the development of world intelligent manufacturing, to create new opportunities and space, improve new standards and expand new cooperation for global manufacturing.

1. 参与方式 Way of participation

The Ten World Scientific and Technological Developments of Intelligent Manufacturing 2022 are generated through recommendation and selection. ICIM members and experts will be invited to recommend scientific and technological progress and accomplishments in the field of intelligent manufacturing. The technology/application cases can be either recommended by their own person/team/company or recommended by others. The ICIM Academic Committee and ICIM Industrial Committee will evaluate the collected candidates and select ten which can be entitled Ten World Scientific and Technological Developments of Intelligent Manufacturing 2022.

2. 征集范围Scope

Scientific and technological breakthroughs (intelligent manufacturing equipment and technology, industrial internet and intelligent manufacturing standard)

Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment: high-grade numerical controlled machine tool, industrial and flexible robot, additive manufacturing technology and equipment, intelligent sensor and control equipment, intelligent detection and assembly equipment, and intelligent warehouse and logistics equipment.

Key Technologies and Cutting-edge Technologies of Intelligent Manufacturing: digital twin technology, VR / MR technology, AR technology, new sensing technology, fault diagnosis and health maintenance technology, advanced control and optimization technology, information security technology, information identification technology, human-computer interaction and human-computer cooperation technology, additive manufacturing technology and their application in manufacturing industry.

Industrial Automation System and Solutions

Fundamentals of Industrial Internet: big-data platform, industrial cloud, etc.

Industrial Software: software for product research and development mainly includes CAD, CAM, CAE, EDA and other software products; production management products include ERP, SCM, MES, MOM and other software widely used by enterprises.

Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Industry Standards.

Major industrial applications (including application cases and solutions)

3. 遴选标准Appraisal and Selection Criteria

时间维度:     2020-2021年      Time span:2020-2021

Innovation: innovative, substantial breakthroughs and improvements; solution to technical difficulties or hot issues;

Leading Function: positioned in the frontier of intelligent manufacturing; positioned as technical sources; references and pioneers for related standard formulation;

Industrial Application: industrial application cases or solution application progress, namely, the scope and level of its application in the practical intelligent manufacturing cases;

Economic and Social Benefits: significant influences in practice. E.g., great and actual impacts on labor productivity and ROI (return on investment); great contributions to the improvement of the ecological and living environment; certain contributions to the improvement of industries’ and country’s innovation ability and competitiveness;

Future Prospect: the adaptability for future development, popularization and application, and predictable economic and social benefits in the future;

Intellectual Property Right: own independent intellectual property rights and corresponding protective measures.

4. 遴选流程 Appraisal and Selection Procedure

May 25th - September 10th, 2022: Recommendation and Collecting;

September 10th, 2022: Formality pre-review of the materials collected;

September 15th, 2022: The submitted projects and achievements will be evaluated by experts according to the selection criteria. 15 candidates will be qualified for the next round;

October 15th, 2022: Final review. Experts from ICIM Academic Committee and ICIM Industrial Committee will conduct online review and select 10 from the 15 candidates by means of differential voting;

October 15th-22nd, 2022: Final result publicity and consultation (for 7 days);

Late November (exact date to be determined), 2022: Release at the 2022 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference held in Nanjing, China.

5. 推荐文件的填写要求Fill-out Requirements for the Recommendation Files

文件1:2022世界智能制造科技进展推荐表(注:英文填报;word格式)Recommendation Form of World Scientific and Technological Developments of Intelligent Manufacturing 2022(in English, and Word format)

文件2:“2022世界智能制造科技进展”承诺书Letter of Commitment of World Scientific and Technological Developments of Intelligent Manufacturing 2022

Specific requirements: Either Chinese or English version is acceptable. The document should be in PDF format with company name, project name and signature of person in charge.

 6. 联系方式 Contact details

All companies participating in the selecting of ICIM Ten World Scientific and Technological Developments of Intelligent Manufacturing 2022 shall send above files (File 1 and File 2) to ICIM via E-mail(liuyq@cmes.org)by September 10th , 2022. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

联系人Contact::刘艳秋(Liu Yanqiu)
Mobile: +86-13488689375

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