2019 World 10 Scientific and Technological Developments in Intelligent Manufacturing

Data Driven Smart Quality Information Management System
Reasons for Recognition
Hexagon Data Driven Smart Quality Information Management System establishes the connection between quality data management and quality process management through the product design, process, manufacturing, and inspection, maximizing the value of data. With the use of this system, enterprises can: (1) form a quality BOM to create digital quality files through product life cycle in accordance with quality data standard, (2) establish the linkage between process design and quality data with MBD integration technology and achieve CAD-based measurement and quality analysis, (3) take advantage of big data analysis engine regarding to quality, (4) set up a quality knowledge base, and (4) realize the product life cycle quality data traceability.

Intelligent Manufacturing FA Solution Package – iQ Monozukuri
Reasons for Recognition
Together with e-F@ctory Alliance partners, Mitsubishi Electric launches intelligent manufacturing FA solution package – iQ Monozukuri. Mitsubishi’s solution, which helps customers quickly import intelligent
manufacturing system, is not only a combination of Japanese lean production and FA equipment, but also a
symphony of predecessors' rich experience and automation products. With the combination of the programmable controller and human-machine interface, iQ Monozukuri helps customers of all size instruct staff of the manual unit production line to install the correct parts with the correct method. Along with the standardization of the installation process, factories can shorten the training time of the newcomers, as well as achieving zero error in manual assembly work.

Unified Operations Center with Value-chain Optimization for Process Plants
Reasons for Recognition
Based on AVEVA system platform, the Unified Operations Center (UOC) offers faster time-to-value through industry-proven templates and operational KPIs that unify all available data from operations, process, engineering, maintenance, and finance. With the evaluation and optimization through the value chain, UOC builds the unified operations model throughout feedstock characterization, production planning, and distribution network. The model helps the operation team make an optimized decision based on real-time information. Furthermore, a customer with 16 operating companies adopted UOC to monitor, control and optimize the operation, saving $80M saving per production period.

Cloud Manufacturing System Driven by the New-Generation AI
Reasons for Recognition
CASICloud proposes an innovative cloud manufacturing system driven by the new-generation artificial intelligence and develops the system “Prototype”. CASICloud also develops a new intelligent manufacturing cloud service platform - “INDICS+CMSS” - and other product clusters such as edge computers, building the “International Cloud”, “Public Cloud” and “Private Cloud” applied to areas such as aerospace and general equipment manufacturing.

Test and Verification Platform Based on "Intelligent+5G" for Mass Customization Production
Reasons for Recognition
The test and verification platform based on “intelligent+5G” for mass customization production developed by Haier Institute of Industrial Intelligence is centered on mass customization model, and focuses on the demonstration and technical verification of the whole production process, value chain, and product life cycle. The platform uses 5G+MEC edge calculation as the network foundation, and selects 7 scenarios such as augmented reality and machine vision as the main upper-layer applications to form an end-to-end 5G smart factory integrated solution. The platform provides factories the test platform to verify new technologies, significantly reducing trial and error costs, shortening the plant construction cycle, and greatly improving the deployment efficiency of equipment connection and platform APP in the Industrial Internet. There have been 45 tested 5G applications implemented in factories, and related products and solutions have been rapidly deployed.

IoT-based Emalytics Intelligent Building Energy Efficiency Management System
Reasons for Recognition
Phoenix Contact's Emalytics Intelligent Building Energy Efficiency Management System and ILC 2050 BI Intelligent Building Controller are a set of IoT-based energy efficiency management solutions for intelligent plant building systems, which effectively connect all aspects of modern intelligent plant energy consumption systems, and provide an extension of more management tools for plant operations based on IoT technologies. The system focuses on public facility systems which provide a comfortable environment for plants. It effectively combines these systems with production processes and optimizes energy consumption, to improve the reliability and availability of the whole intelligent plant and extend the life use cycle of each system. Thus, the preventive maintenance will be realized, while reducing the management and maintenance costs.

Factory Talk Innovation Suite, Actionable Information at the Fingertips
Reasons for Recognition
Rockwell Factory Talk Innovation Suite creates a connected environment by integrating IoT platform, machine learning and analysis, MES and augmented reality experiences to meet application requirements of manufacturing enterprises at full throughput. It helps manufacturers conduct real-time production and performance monitoring, implement predictive and prescriptive maintenance, apply digital work instructions, and integrate equipment/machine analytics. It also helps manufacturers know what happening in the factory all the time, to anticipate and resolve issues before they happen, and to streamline analytics integration across the enterprise.

Control Cabinet Intelligent Manufacturing Integrated Platform Based on Digital Twins
Reasons for Recognition
The intelligent manufacturing integrated platform based on digital twin is jointly created by EPLAN and RITTAL, adopting the concept of the value chain “software + hardware + service”. The platform is built on the digital cloud platform of EPLAN, and designed with the digital twin method which enables the digitalization, unification, and uniformization throughout the whole life cycle of design, procurement, manufacturing, operation and service of the control cabinet products. Through the seamless integration with RITTAL’s automated systems, the integrated digital design and manufacturing model of the whole process can help control cabinet manufacturers establish a collaborative manufacturing system for design and production processes and maximize the automated production of control cabinets.
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