The Preparation for the Founding of ICIM

I. Background

Intelligent manufacturing is the main driving force of the new round of industrial revolution.

Currently, a new rise of industrial revolution is in gestation globally. The world manufacturing industry is undergoing a drastic change at a profound level. Global players have all taken the development of intelligent manufacturing as a core measure to prosper manufacturing industry.
The in-depth integration of the new generation of AI technology and advanced manufacturing technology in the new generation of intelligent manufacturing would reshape the design, manufacturing, service and other links throughout the whole lifecycle of products and their integration, give birth to new technology, new products, new forms of industry and new models which may profoundly influence and change human kind’s production structure, production methods, even lifestyles and thinking modes, thus bring revolutionary changes to the manufacturing industry and become the essential driving force of its future development.

Developing intelligent manufacturing requires international exchange and cooperation.

Developing intelligent manufacturing in the era of globalization cannot be separated from global cooperation. From the industry level, intelligent manufacturing involves the collaborative applications of artificial intelligent technology, advanced manufacturing technology, large data technology, and Internet of things technology, as well as the integration of different standards, and the joint participation of manufacturing enterprises, intelligent manufacturing solutions providers, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, in the development and application of related technologies.
From the national level, due to the differences in the historical process of industrial history and the status of international industrial division in various countries and regions, an extensive and down-to-earth international cooperation is needed in the fields of the intelligent manufacturing development trend and policy research, the R & D and application of intelligent manufacturing technologies, the standardization of intelligent manufacturing, the exchange of intelligent manufacturing experiences and the talent cultivation of intelligent manufacturing, etc., to achieve complementary advantages.
The founding of an intelligent manufacturing organization under international cooperation will benefit international communication on intelligent manufacturing at a broader range, will help to establish an open and collaborative ecology of innovation, to increase cross-border, cross-field and cross-industry cooperation, thus fostering a digital, networked and intelligent global manufacturing industry.

II. Development Ideas of the ICIM

The International Coalition of Intelligent Manufacturing (ICIM) is an international cooperation organization comprised of scientific and technological organizations, enterprises, research institutes, higher educational institutions and other entities in active support of the intelligent manufacturing cause from different countries and regions, on the basis of equality, voluntariness and mutual benefit.


Promoting international exchanges and cooperation in intelligent manufacturing, and promoting the development of global intelligent manufacturing industry.


The ICIM will hold tight the development needs of international intelligent manufacturing industry, enhance the effective collaboration among all parties through international communication on intelligent manufacturing, establish an open intelligent manufacturing eco-system, spread intelligent manufacturing knowledge, facilitate the widespread application of intelligent manufacturing technology globally and alignment of various standards, promote advanced intelligent manufacturing technology and best practices, and spur the sustainable development of the intelligent manufacturing market.

Key Tasks

Hold international communication on intelligent manufacturing. Extensive communications should be realized through mechanisms like international conferences and forums, mutual visits and online exchange, to study fundamental technologies of intelligent manufacturing and conduct the applications in industries, align intelligent manufacturing standards, spread intelligent manufacturing solutions and share best practices.

III. Founding of the Preparatory Council of ICIM

Preparatory Works Finished

Under the guidance of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance of CAST Member Societies (IMAC) has been founded, which is comprised of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, China Instrument and Control Society, Society of Automotive Engineers of China, China Electrotechnical Society, Chinese Institute of Electronics, Chinese Association of Automation, Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology, Chinese Society for Optical Engineering, China Textile Engineering Society, Chinese Society of Astronautics and Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.
Based on the extensive international cooperation of IMAC members over the years and over-one-year coordination among them, thanks to the previous gestation and joint consultation, the IMAC Council passed a resolution through discussion in December 2017, which designates the founding of an international cooperation organization of intelligent manufacturing jointly initiated and prepared by the 13 IMAC members.
Up to now, 60 entities from 16 countries including Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, UK, and the USA have agreed to be the founding members of ICIM, and will participate in the work of Preparatory Council of ICIM.

Preparatory Meeting of the ICIM

On May 8, 2018, the preparatory meeting of ICIM was held in Beijing. More than 120 representatives from 70 institutions in 13 countries and regions met in the Chinese Academy of Engineering where they discussed the mission, vision, development strategy and key tasks of ICIM. During the meeting, the Preparatory Council of ICIM was founded by all the agreed organizations which shall be responsible for all the preparatory work of ICIM.
Bearing in mind the open and sharing concept, ICIM will enhance international communication in the field of intelligent manufacturing, spread intelligent manufacturing knowledge and promote best practices, facilitate the widespread application of intelligent manufacturing technology and alignment of various standards in the global arena, thus contribute to the intelligence of global manufacturing industries.

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